Enquête sur les utilisateurs, l’utilisation et les impacts de Cityscoot à Paris et en

A study conducted by 6t-Research Office on behalf of the company Cityscoot.

In recent years, the ways of moving have been strongly and rapidly diversified, in major cities and, especially in Paris. These transformations have largely been driven by the arrival of new shared mobility offers , in self-service and without stations (free-floating). The scooter, by its weight, its size and its speed is a mode particularly adapted to the urban environment. It did not escape the trend: in 2016, Cityscoot launches a service of shared and free-floating electric scooters in the French capital. This deployment had led to the completion of a survey of the 6t-Bureau of research with the firstCityscoot users in 2017.

3 years after its launch, the Cityscoot service has undergone many changes. In addition to the development of the service itself, numerous and significant contextual changes have affected the mobility sector in Paris between 2017 and 2019. These contextual developments generate many new challenges for Cityscoot, particularly with regard to its integration into a landscape of urban mobility offers increasingly rich and competitive.
Through a survey of Cityscoot users conducted in April 2019, this new study by 6t-research office has three objectives :

1) complete and refine knowledge on:

  • the profile of Cityscoot users;
  • trips made with Cityscoot;
  • the determinants, as well as the brakes, of using this mode in relation to other modes;
  • the impacts of Cityscoot on personal vehicle equipment and modal practices;

2) compare the profile and practices of all Cityscoot customers compared to 2017 ;

3) analyze changes in the behavior of individual users over time, since 2017.

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